so many feels

I finally watched ‘Logan’ yesterday. I’m still recovering. Somehow, the marvel writers of this film tapped into my subconscious, found all my deepest fears and longings and loves, and then cranked it up to 11.

This movie taps into everything, and I mean everything, that means something important to me. There is so much grief in this film, grief and beauty (because the more precious a thing is, the more sorrow accompanies it), and it leaves you in that vulnerable fragile mess where your heart is so full and feels like its going to break at the same time, like when you hold a fragile skinny newborn for the first time, and realize you’d trade all your blood for this kid’s dear, dear little life.

this movie touches on everything wrong with modern science, everything wrong with government, and everything wrong with America, and everything good with America, that is, everything we’ve lost and loved and lost. this film is basically America for me. Oh God.

gah. sob sob.

PS. It’s a well-rounded movie, and it is funny too. The scene where Laura starts yelling & lecturing at him in rapid Spanish is my absolute favorite scene.



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