War with North Korea?

I remember as a young teen, the massive amount of giddy joy I felt over George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech.


What made me giddy with hope was that Bush named North Korea as part of that axis of evil. I heard that others had balked at his “hawkish” and “over the top” language, but I just figured they were just too selfish to understand the suffering outside of the First World. They said how terrifying it was that Bush might start wars, but that only filled me with hope. Because that was exactly what I hoped and prayed for. There was no other way to save North Korea, so it had to be war. I thought that first we’d save Iraq from Saddam Hussein, then we’d save Iran from their Inquisitors, and then finally we’d get to the really important one — North Korea.

They’d finally be free. We could rebuild the country.

So I impatiently waited the victory of the GWOT in the middle east, so we could move on to North Korea.

Back in those heady days of the 2000’s, I thought it would be a matter of a few years at most.

Of course it never panned out that way. We never did finish fixing Iraq. Then America boo’d out Bush and his successor Obama pulled out of Iraq to let it collapse in flames. Hand-wringing and much talking ensued. Iran nuclearized. And we never did get to North Korea. American politics got increasingly more isolationist on both left and right, and I gave up that dream.

And now… this. From President Trump, no less.

Screenshot (462)

The elites and the left are yelling about how stupid Trump is for fiercely blustering with the fiercely blustering Kim family. This will make it worse, they say. The right says nope, the only solution is to make them back down by playing their own game.

Who knows who is correct about this one. I guess it depends if you think things are solved with soothing psychology (bob you are a nice guy! i know how traumatic your childhood was! put down that gun if you like! we are your friends! yeah you are the BEST!) or cowboy faceoffs (yes bob, you go ahead and just make my day: threaten me again and i’ll shoot you deader than a doornail). If you don’t understand the latter, watch this scene to see how it works. Only time will tell whose method was right. Perhaps there is no right method, and both methods will end only in flames.

Everyone is freaking out about nuclear war again. But it’s all about (as usual) how bad ‘war’ is in the abstract, or our own national interest. Everyone thinks they are so much smarter with a simple solution. And it seems as if everyone is forgetting about the most important thing: the North Korean people.

They have suffered more than hell. They have been starved and raped and brainwashed and tortured and experimented on and abused beyond all human suffering for 69 years. Sixty-nine years while the world looked on and did nothing. Even the Holocaust was was over in under a decade.

Why is no one talking about the North Korean people? Even the peaceniks seem to have forgotten their suffering. They seem to think being nice to Kim is an act of nobility on their part–as if you sharing your barbecue with your scary neighbor is the right and kindly thing to do, as you overlook the small fact that he keeps girls chained up in his basement.

On the other hand…if the war ends with everyone dead–as it well may be, with the entire North Korean country basically a rigged bunker with a brainwashed population–then what?

If we fight this war, and the population of North Korea is wiped out in a nuclear bonfire, then it will be the saddest tragedy in the entire history of humankind.

But if we fight this war, and the population of North Korea is saved….

Oh God. Oh God, Oh God. It will be the most wonderful… I can’t even think about it too much because it makes my heart contract in pain to think of something that so desperately must be, but may not happen. Hope hurts so much.

So I hold my breath and hope. May there be war, and may the people live. Amen.

Do watch this  2008 movie if you haven’t already. It has english subtitles and it is a muted look at it all.

It will be, after all, 70 years. May God give them their 70th year as a year of jubilee, the year of liberation.

When the LORD brought back the captives to Zion,
            We were like men who dreamed.

      Our mouths were filled with laughter
            And our tongues with songs of joy.
            Then they said among the nations,
            “The LORD has done great things for them.”

      The LORD has done great things for us;
            We are glad.

      Restore our captivity, O LORD
            As the streams in the Southern Desert.

      For those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy.

And he who goes out weeping, carrying his seed to sow,
            Shall indeed return with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.


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