Personal Philosophy

“I think…I will choose to stay in reality. Because that is where God is.” —a middle-aged female artist [on the topic of escaping into fiction and romantic fantasies].


Hold on to truth, first and foremost. Pursue facts, pursue reality, pursue truth, no matter how painful or scary. Do not quit. Because they will lead you to the face of God. Everything else is idolatry.


Any religious/ideological belief system which makes Persons secondary and expendable to ‘higher goals’ is intrinsically evil. It will ultimately bring about holocausts and genocides and the destruction of its own ‘ideal’ (be it doctrinal conformity, niceness, freedom, racial purity, greatest happiness for the greatest number, economic equality, etc).


“Every human life is precious. You cannot pass divine judgement. You do not know the wisdom that is bought by suffering.” –Sophie Scholl


“Even there, in the mines, underground, you can find a human heart in the convict and murderer standing next to you, and you can be close to him, because there , too, it’s possible to live, and love, and suffer! And there are many of them, there are hundreds, and we’re all guilty for them! Because everyone is guilty for everyone else. For all the ‘wee ones’, because there are little children and big children. All people are ‘wee ones’…..Oh, yes, we’ll be in chains, and there will be no freedom, but then, in our great grief, we will arise once more into joy…if God is driven from the earth, we’ll meet him underground! And then from the depths of the earth, we, the men underground, will start singing a tragic hymn to God, in whom there is joy! Hail to God and his joy! I love him!” —feverish ramblings of an incarcerated convict in The Brothers Karamazov


“It isn’t so much that we are failures, but that we haven’t lived up to the image we had of ourselves. God knew what we were all along. He isn’t surprised in the slightest. Learn at his feet. Humbly report your situation to him, and let him tell you what to do next.

It really is fun, actually, to not run the universe. And obedience is kinda relaxing, like being a passenger in the car. Only its a roller coaster. But what a ride!”– my father


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