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Moping about “America”, especially that most Americans don’t define “America” the same way I do. OK. And I ran across these two images, and by golly, LOOK WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

So here is the Soviet image celebrating the end of WWII (it’s a soldier raising the soviet flag over Germany).soviet_flag_on_the_reichstag_roof_khaldei



And here is the American image celebrating the end of WWII (it’s soldiers raising the American flag over a previously-Japanese-occupied Island).ap_marines_raising_flag_iwo-jima_alan_wood_130428_copy_6_v16x9_16x9_992

Do you see the similiarities and contrasts between the two ideologies? I feel like I see everything in these that I always felt about it. But obviously this is an inkblot test. Do you see it? Do you see what I see?


Bless you, Prison

The first hour of the film is very hard to watch, but the last 20 minutes make it more than worth it. But like life, one has to begin at the beginning and take it all the way to the end. There are no other shortcuts, because it is a transformative film.