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Moping about “America”, especially that most Americans don’t define “America” the same way I do. OK. And I ran across these two images, and by golly, LOOK WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

So here is the Soviet image celebrating the end of WWII (it’s a soldier raising the soviet flag over Germany).soviet_flag_on_the_reichstag_roof_khaldei



And here is the American image celebrating the end of WWII (it’s soldiers raising the American flag over a previously-Japanese-occupied Island).ap_marines_raising_flag_iwo-jima_alan_wood_130428_copy_6_v16x9_16x9_992

Do you see the similiarities and contrasts between the two ideologies? I feel like I see everything in these that I always felt about it. But obviously this is an inkblot test. Do you see it? Do you see what I see?