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the Giver of Death and Life

This music video made me cry. God is the giver of death and life. All good things come from his hand. We must accept both.


I trust you now

Lord Jesus, I believe that You are able and willing to deliver me
from all the worry, and unrest and bondage of my Christian life. I
believe You did die to set me free, not only in the future, but now
and here. I believe You are stronger than Satan, and that You can
keep me, even me, in my extreme of weakness, from falling into his
snares or yielding obedience to his commands. And, Lord, I am going to
trust You to keep me. I have tried keeping myself, and have failed,
and failed most grievously. I am absolutely helpless; so now I will
trust You. I will give myself to You; I keep back no reserves. Body,
soul, and spirit, I present myself to You, a lump of clay, to be made
into anything Your love and Your wisdom shall choose. And now,
I am Yours. I believe You do accept what I present to You; I
believe that this poor, weak, foolish heart has been taken possession
of by You, and You have even at this very moment begun to work in me
to will and to do of Your good pleasure. I trust You utterly, and I
trust You now.