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Star Wars Rebels Season Two

Star Wars Rebels Season Two just finished.

So first ISIS, then Trump. And some personal stuff. I figured I needed a break from reality for awhile. So my plan? Forget about life and reality, and ensconce myself in a happier world of TV Shows for Kids.

Alas, Star Wars Rebels finished off season two with a pretty murkily-dark season finale. Characters getting all messed up and morality getting ambiguous. It’s trying to be deep of course, but it was rather sloppily done. There was alot of shoehorning developed characters into pre-ordained plot arcs. I get it, they want something Epic and Deep.

It’s kind of funny I’m grieving over it. Seriously, I’ll be turning 28 and this is what I get for pouring my emotions into a virtual reality designed for 8 year olds. ;-P


Mid-season 2 trailer of Rebels!!!

I’m seriously psyched. Kanan and Hera look awesome, Rex is there, and the Ahsoka-Anakin arc from Clone Wars is back. I love Ahsoka so much. It looks really really good. As long as Ezra doesn’t go to the dark side, which would just be awful. And his parents had really better not be dead.

On the deeper truth of kids shows

So I finally broke down and couldn’t wait for the DVD release, and bought a digital streaming pass for the second season of Star Wars Rebels.

I just watched “The Lost Commanders” and “Relics of the Old Republic.” Sniff. I love this show so much. Yes, I know this is a show for 10 year old boys and I am a 27 year old woman.  And if I told you it feels “truer” than the gritty grown-ups’ fiction, I have a feeling I just sound more juvenile still.  It is true that Rebels really does make me feel the same way I did when I first watched Star Wars Episode IV as a wide-eyed nine year old. But I think that part of me is wisest.

We are born childlike, filled with innocence and wonder, expecting good to be good and bad to fail, expecting most people to be human, expecting simple courage and plain goodness to overcome evil, and daddy to come rescue us at the end of day. And then we “grow up” and go through the whole adolescent stuff and the “adult themes” that make people “smarter”.

But maybe all of life is a cycle, where you lose your childhood, and then bit by bit fight for it back, swimming against the current. First childish innocence is given us, like a gift from heaven, a software pre-installed by the manufacturer. And then we lose it, and become jaded. And then, we rebuild again, brick by brick. Childish wonder and childish naivete and childish faith regained, but this time round, it is ours, and it will be called wisdom. Before it was a blueprint given us. Now it is what we have built our lives into. Why should kids have a beautiful preconceived view of the cosmos? Maybe because it is true. Through the fire and the smoke too thick to see, it is true.


Star Wars Rebels Season 1 is just awesome

OK, yes I get manic, but GOD BLESS DAVE FILONI.


He made Star Wars good again, I confess I like it even more than the original 4 5 6 and that is saying alot.


Sniff. You should totally watch it. It starts out slow and cheesy (remember it is made for 5-7 year olds), but honestly its so good. Just keep watching it till the finale. Anyways. I shall blog more later, but here is a few screen shots:



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